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Saiyan Champion: Z Warriors is a 2d fighting game about goku and his team : vegeta, picolo, gohan, trunk, mechikabura, shroom, salsa, putine, gravy, cunber …


Saiyan Champion: Z Warriors with storylines and characters based on the popular Japanese manga Z Warrior was known by many readers throughout the world. You will choose your race: Earth, Namek or Saiyan ? The search for the Z Warriors and fight against the wicked will start in your hands.

You have passion about great power, have the will to fight evil, have the duty to protect your planet as well as your loved ones, then join the world of Saiyan Champion: Z Warriors!
Saiyan warrior with awesome power, the Earth man with great durability, and the ultra fast self-healing of Namek, which would be the most appropriate race for you?
Along with the guidance of our ancestors and their efforts , you can achieve great power, become the super warrior. You will not have to fight alone when you’re with fellow warriors, and support each other against the forces of evil.
The search for the dragons and becomes the legendary warrior are endless. Let’s wait and see what is waiting ahead of you?

fan of db fighting games and dragon heroes fighters? all heroes and villains form db Z /KAI/GT are here, choose one and fight the others in 1 vs 1 or in survival mode, ssj, ssj2/3 and 4 are here , as well as the famous ultra inst. and gok, veget, brolyy. there super ultra transformation of fighter z like saiyangod, ssjblue, golden forms of frieza and cell and forst.

Saiyan Champion: Z Warriors features:
– Pixel game style
– Action fighting game : versus, story, training
– Many transform : ssgss, ssjss , super saiyan ..

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