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Classic UNO Card Party Game

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A descrição de Classic UNO Card Party Game

The Classic UNO game is very simple and easy to learn.

How to Play : –

* As the game starts, Each Player is given 7 cards, the remaining cards are placed in to deck.

* Card Details :-
** Colored cards with numbers with 0 to 9.

** There are some Special Cards :-
Reverse – It reverse the turn occurence.
Skip – It will skip the turn of next player.
+2 – It will give 2 cards to the next player and forfeit its turn.

** There are 2 Wild Cards :-
Color Changer – It will change the color of the card to match with.
+4 – It will give 4 cards to the next player and change the color of the card to match with.

* You can Throw card that matches to the top card of Pile
First by Number if not
Then by Color if not
Then draw a card from Picking pile if same number or same color or if not from them turn given to the next player to you

Note : – You can play any wild card at any time.

* If a Player finishes all his cards, he wins and the game ends.

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