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Nobody likes first dates. They rarely go well. But when they do, there’s nothing more exciting than date two, when you already know there’s a real connection. What if there was a way to skip the first date entirely? Well, now there is. Welcome to LOKO!

LOKO is about bringing romance back to dating by taking it back to its roots. We believe that personality and chemistry are the keys to developing a true relationship. LOKO eliminates the biggest frustrations of online dating, and helps real people make sincere connections that lead to meaningful dates. LOKO is the first video-only online dating app, and it’s the only app that holds matches accountable to meet in real life.

Here’s how it works:

1. The video-only profiles allow users to make true first impressions, while also getting a stronger sense of their matches’ real personalities. All profiles must be approved by the administrator prior to going live on the app, so there’s no need to worry about inappropriate profiles.

2. Once a connection is made, users have 24 hours to schedule a virtual date within the app; if they don’t, they’re unmatched.

3. The virtual date, or what we call ELIMIDATES are done through video chat and capped at 15 minutes. ELIMIDATES allow users to get a real sense of the person they’re interacting with in the safe, comfortable environment of your own home. It also means you don’t have to write a two-person War & Peace-length text novel on your phones. You’ll only agree to meet in person if you know there’s a connection that points to a meaningful first date. Once they’ve hung up, if the couple hasn’t agreed to meet or exchange contact info, they will not be able to match or communicate with each other via the app again. This is to encourage users to actually get together.

Our goal is to bring matches together for the kind of magical, face-to-face first dates where you spend the entire evening getting to know each other, instead of getting acquainted in back-and-forth text exchanges.

In the end its simple – its about real people making real connections!

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