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A descrição de Octopus for Business

Developed by Octopus Cards Ltd, the all-in-one Octopus App for Business allows merchants to receive payment from customers using Octopus card or Octopus App O! ePay QR Code, with easy access to the following functions:

Simple Business O! ePay account application via the mobile app
• Merchants can complete their application for the Business O! ePay account via the Octopus App for Business and will receive an SMS notification and an email notification upon application approval

Generate Payment Page to Receive Payment
• Merchants can generate the payment page for the customer to tap the Octopus card on the back of the mobile device or scan the QR Code with Octopus App O! ePay to pay for the goods and services

Easy management by different functions in Shop Owner or Cashier Mode
• The Cashier Mode receives real-time notification message and supports enquiry of transaction records
• The Shop Owner Mode supports additional functions on the management of the Business O! ePay account, such as transferring funds to bank, adding and removing cashier, POS and shop management, etc.

Check transaction records and summaries at a glance
• Once the payment is successful, the merchants will automatically receive a notification message, with instant update of the balance on its Business O! ePay account
• Merchants can easily check the transaction records and summaries, and also export the CSV reports through email

Transfer money received to bank account at will!
• The shop owner can transfer the balance on Business O! ePay account to the pre-registered bank account at will

For further details of the Octopus App for Business, please visit

Licence Number: SVF0001

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