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A descrição de Scary School Teacher Evil Game

The most anticipated and hello angry teacher game of 2020 is here to give you a chance to get the ideal revenge. The story revolves around a genius girl, who is tired of her awful teacher threatening kids, physically punishing them and torturing them. To her delight, her scary School teacher has just moved next door. a golden chance to return the favor by scaring the creepy school teacher now!

The scary big schol teacher is known as Miss Tina, who lives in a 15 room house. Each room of the house holds an unsolved mystery. Every room will unveil victim (kids) photos, threatened pets, chocolate cake and chocolates. The best surprise is in the BASEMENT, which will reveal something unexpectedly amazing.

Let’s put your evil genius to good use. The spooky HighSchool Teacher game allows you to perform various activities like releasing pets under the teacher’s custody and more to scare the ‘Scary Teacher’. Your mission is to complete the given tasks on time without getting caught.

The features of the Angry School Teacher Escape game include:
• Open world style interactive house
• 15 different rooms and unsolved mysteries to solve
• Horror themes (suitable for kids of all ages)
• Easy controls

Ready to creep the creeper? Let’s see how long you can last in this battle against the Scary Teacher!Download this Scary School Teacher Evil Game and give a feedback.

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