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Smash Bros Fighting Arena

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A descrição de Smash Bros Fighting Arena

One day, when all of strongest creature in the world meet together and join a legend tournament battle with
unlimited power. With referee are 13 god of destruction and their master, all player don’t have to think
about the world safe, thay can take place their strong power – ultimate skill.

Welcome ninja return :
All hokage, sanin, chunnin, jonin, also hope gennin, jinchuriki also bring many ancient legend jutsu

The king of grappler – baki and yujiro :
All fighter KOG skill :Endorphin,Rear Naked Choke,Roll Kick,Bow and Arrow,Seiken ,Armlock,Kinteki Geri,Suplex,Goutaijutsu to put all the weight of their body into their fist.,Enzuigiri,New Cobra,Single-Leg Figure-Four,New Swastika,Backdrop,Antonio Driver,Spinning Lotus,Soccer Ball Kick,Shining Wizard,Cord-Cut ,Mach Punch ,Arm Breaker,Front Neck-Lock,Whip StrikeYujiro Hanma.,0.5 Second Unconscious,Axe Kick,Slap,Triceratops Fist,Cockroach Dash,Hand Pocket,King Tiger,Aiki

Saiyan God Leauge :
Many new member and new transform of saiyan as goku ssj 1-1000, super saiyan 5, bardoc , vegito , db/z/kai raging blast with many Awakening skill

Pirate team:
With adventure to find blue sea treasure – pirate straw team become more stronger after many battle of pirates and now they want challenge other fighter from

Smash Bros Fighting Arena features:
– K.O fight arena of many anime warrior
– dragon warrior : goku, kakarot
– many special skill : kameha, kaioken
– many power transform : ssj, god ssj , ssj 1000
– many famous powerful strong fighter

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